Eddie Villanueva


About the Artist

For nearly a decade I have been producing abstract compositions that excavate surfaces, occupy spaces, and reverberate within found environments. I maintain a democratic approach to creative exploration, allowing myself the agency to mix and remix found and manipulated materials into graphically structured groupings with dissonant surfaces. Themes emerge from an introspective investigation into the human condition: I dissect my own lived experiences, and translate the findings into emotionally charged objects and installations. Ultimately, I create work that oscillates between harmony and disorder, and experiences that are at once familiar and uncanny.


Eddie Villanueva (b.1983, Milwaukee) received his B.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and an M.F.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work has been featured at the SCOPE Art Fair, Miami, and in Global Positioning System at the School of Visual Arts, New York, the North American Graduate Art Survey at the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, Minneapolis, and the Wisconsin Triennial at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. He received a Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant in 2012, and a Mary L. Nohl Emerging Artist Fellowship in 2013. He has taught at UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Richland. Villanueva is currently teaching at Brown University.